Development of an online portal
& digital touchpoints

AMAG Leasing AG

AMAG Leasing AG is a Swiss company and, as a financial services provider, belongs to the AMAG Group. AMAG Leasing AG offers vehicle leasing and mobility services.


About the success of the project:

For AMAG Leasing AG, the development of the online portal was the first major agile project, which also triggered an agile transition in the organization. The online portal went live 6 months after the start of the project and has been the heart of the digital customer journey ever since. The two projects are the first major milestones in the digital transformation of AMAG Leasing AG, which will continue to be supported by Digacon.


Together with AMAG Leasing AG, Digacon has identified, tested and prioritized strategic directions for digital transformation using design thinking workshops. Two of these strategic directions should be further elaborated. On the one hand, further digital touchpoints along the customer journey are to be developed and on the other hand, an online portal for financial services is to be developed.
Digacon has received the mandate to implement both projects. The biggest challenges in setting up the touchpoints were the design of the new business unit's comprehensive processes. Here a classic project approach with a change management concept was chosen, which could sustainably ensure acceptance at the point of sale and with the customers.
The development of the online portal was developed with an agile project methodology (Scrum) by our SAP Customer Experience Development Team in Croatia.

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